The Difference Between US-UK Violent Crime Rates Depends On Definition of ‘Violent Crime’


Published 1/11/13 on RNN

(RNN) – Pro-gun advocates have argued the United Kingdom is a perfect example of how ineffective gun laws are on crime. Despite having some of the strictest gun laws in the world, the U.K. has a far higher violent crime rate than the U.S.

However, a closer look shows the U.S. has more burglaries, rapes, and murders than the U.K. The reason for the U.K.’s higher violent crime rate is their far broader definition of a “violent” crime.

An oft-cited source for the argument that the U.S. has a lower violent crime rate than the U.K. is a 2009 article in the Daily Mail, an English tabloid. The story put the U.K. at the top of a so-called “League of Shame” for its violence.

The statistics in that article were compiled by Britain’s Conservative Party and drawn from different reports by the United Nations and the European Commission. They do not appear to be part of an official study, and specific reports used by the U.N. and E.C. were not named.

Citing various crime statistics, the article claims the U.K. was the most violent country in the EU. However, that title was not given by the EU or U.N.

Rather, it was Britain’s Conservative Party that named Britain “the most violent in the EU” on a day when one of its members was scheduled to give a speech on crime.

Despite the lack of sources for the numbers, and the possible partisan politicking of Britain’s Conservative Party, it’s worth comparing to U.S. numbers compiled by the FBI.

The robbery rates were similar between the two countries:

U.S. 2009 robbery rate: 133 per 100,000.

U.K. 2009 robbery rate: 164 per 100,000.

The burglary rates were far higher in the U.S.:

U.S. 2009 burglary rate: 716.3 per 100,000

U.K. 2009 burglary rate: 523 per 100,000.

And in the U.S., you were nearly four times as likely to be murdered:

U.S. 2009 murder rate: 5 per 100,000.

U.K. 2009 murder rate: 1.49 per 100,000.

So far, it looks as if one has a much higher chance of getting burgled and killed in the U.S. than in the U.K.

However, the Daily Mail article says the U.K. has a violent crime rate of 2,034 per 100,000 residents, while the U.S. has a violent crime rate of 466 per 100,000 residents.

Definition of ‘violent crime’ has impact on numbers

According to the FBI, there are four crimes classified as “violent” in crime statistics: murder/non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

The list does not include burglaries, which is considered a property crime in the U.S. but a violent crime in the U.K.

In addition to murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault and burglary, England and Wales classify domestic violence and all sexual offenses – not just forcible rape – as violent.

Scotland and Northern Ireland compile their own statistics and systems.

In England and Wales, sexual offenses and domestic violence contain a wide range of offenses and make up a significant part of the overall number of their violent crimes.

Sexual offenses include rape, sexual assault, sexual activity with children, soliciting prostitutes (but not prostitution itself), sexual threats, sexual touching and indecent exposure.

Domestic abuse, described as a form of “intimate personal violence,” includes the following: non-sexual emotional or financial abuse, threats, physical force, sexual assault and stalking carried out by a current or former partner or other family member.

Several other crimes that are classified as violent in the U.K. include vehicle theft, purse-snatching and bicycle theft.

In all, the definition of “violent crime” takes approximately six pages to thoroughly explain.  It is found in a user guide to crime statistics published by the Home Office, a U.K. government department addressing crime.

U.S. has higher rape and murder rate than England

The definition of rape is an example of how different the two countries classify crimes.

Until 2012, the FBI only counted “forcible rape” in its violent crime statistics, defining it as “the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will.”

The narrow definition has affected the FBI’s overall numbers. In 2010, the Chicago Police Department could not include 1,400 sexual assaults in federal numbers because the city’s definition of rape was broader than the FBI’s definition.

In England and Wales, a person is guilty of rape if “he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of the complainant with his penis, the complainant does not consent and the defendant does not reasonably believe consent has been given,” according to the BBC.

With these different definitions in mind, England and Wales reported 14,000 rapes in 2009. Based on a female population of approximately 27 million (although males are included in official reports), that comes out to 51 rapes per 100,000 females.

The U.S. reported 88,097 rapes in 2009, which comes out to 56 rapes per 100,000 females.

Despite having a narrower definition of rape that only includes female victims, the U.S. still has a higher rate of occurrence than England and Wales.

The U.S. also has a higher rate of murder, and most happen by way of gun: the FBI said 67.8 percent of murders in 2011 were by firearm.

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26 thoughts on “The Difference Between US-UK Violent Crime Rates Depends On Definition of ‘Violent Crime’

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  3. There is a reason house burglaries in England are considered “violent”. Majority occur when the occupants are home as opposed to the the US where they occur when empty. Why? All polls in US of criminals list their number one fear is an armed homeowner.

      • I believe that is whats known as a “fabrication” or “bluster” whereby a person makes an unreferenced assertion based on their own bias. In point of fact, as UK criminals are highly unlikely to be armed, they too will enter empty homes. This is why the majority of burglaries are opportunist in the UK. Source: publicly available statistics from Metropolitan Police (London) and GMP (Manchester)

      • Oh really? well one, your statement is bs, the majority of UK burglaries don’t occur when the house is occupied. But lets say that bollocks of fact is true, how does that make it violent if no one is harmed? I’d like to see where you got your sources from good sir, it just seems a bit far fetched that someone rounded up all the burglars in the states and asked them why they did it while the house was empty.. to which they replied ‘because we were scared’

      • And isn’t it funny how people like that will believe what criminals say when what criminals say is convenient to believe? If burglars were afraid of guns there would be damn few burglaries. Instead, there are quite a few in the States, and what’s the favorite thing to steal from a house? A gun, which can be resold for 50% of its list price rather than 10% as with most other things.

  4. Now that this has been said, Let us break it down by gender and ethnicity in the statistic for each country; which would probably be a crime in the UK. since it doesn’t have a freedom of speech law.

    • It also doesn’t have a “Freedom of eating toast” law. There are, however, laws against trying to interfere with anybody else’s right of free expression.

    • Of course it does you retard where do you think the US got its notion of free speech from? English Law.

      Since the UK is freer than the US police state with its PATRIOT Act, doing what you mentioned would be a crime in the US.

      They are freer than you are, fucking moron.

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  7. “In addition to murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault and burglary, England and Wales classify domestic violence and all sexual offenses – not just forcible rape – as violent.”

    The UK includes all simple/common assaults. Half of the violent crime is actually crime with no injury.

    this Includes threat or conspiracy to murder, harassment, possession of weapons, other offences against children and assault without injury (formerly common assault where there is no injury) etc

    Pages 42 & 43 show all the crimes that make up the violent crime stats

    • The UK also does not report crimes like murder, assaults, and rapes unless there has been a conviction. So all unsolved murders and attacks are not reported in their crime statistics as where the U.S. includes unsolved violent crimes. Just saw you forgot to mention that little fact.

      • In fact this is simply untrue. All police forces in the UK report all crimes reported just as they do in the USA. This little ‘gem’ of misinformation was obviously fabricated as a smokescreen to hide unpalatable facts behind a screen of lies.

      • Atlanta Memphis,New Orleans do have high crime rates. However, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Milwaukee, all have significantly high gun crime. So, it is not jsut the south as you can see. In fact, the north has mor of their “large” cities with higher gun crime than the south.

      • First of all, just look at the FBI stats.

        Second, the first part of your statement doesn’t mean anything – you just said that other cities have violence, too. OK. I won’t argue with that.

        Lastly, I’m not sure what you mean in your last sentence because you’re not describing what you’re comparing. “Large” northern cities vs what in the south? Large southern cities? South in general? What?

  8. In New York and Chicago guns are banned? What an idle piece of lunacy. Moreover, city-wide gun restrictions are not particularly effective because cities have no patrolled borders or customs agents. Try banning handguns in the whole country (long guns for hunting are necessary in some areas) and see what that does to the statistics.

  9. Love the blatant lies on this article “See this is where they had more!!! SO I am right and you are wrong HA see thats why we should do this!” Yes lets ignore the fact that the UK has a VASTLY smaller population than the US as a whole. Which means there are MORE violent people in the WHOLE of the UK than the WHOLE of America.

    If one country has 1000 people and another has 100 people the one with 100 people has a 2/5 are violent than that means roughly 1/3 of that population is *gasp* violent. While the 100 has a violent people of 2/7 which means that they have both less violent people and less violence over all. BUT due to it being a larger number of people the number of violence looks to be higher when it is not. In other words lies lies lies.

    • Please try to refrain from showing your ignorance so clearly. The figures quoted are ” per 100,000” population so they are already factored to include the difference in populations. You should also check your facts before making an ass of yourself. The USA has a population of 319 million and the UK a population of 64 million. I will allow that 315 is bigger than 64 but not ‘vastly’.

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